Marsten Residence – Testimonials

“George Anns is the best contractor you will ever work with. Period. He and his people are so good, in so many ways, it is hard to know where to begin. First, some background. We have worked with George and his company for about 15 years now. We have done teeny projects (a kitchen tile floor); medium size projects (an addition to our house in the Poconos, adding a bedroom bath and renovating a kitchen) and, two years ago, a gigantic project (a full scale gut of our historic 50 year old Pocono house). Prices ranged from $1500 to $700,000. He gave the same care to everything, and the quality was simply superb.

George is careful, imaginative and a perfectionist. He chooses his subs accordingly; invariably, if he recommends someone (tile, appliance supplier, plumber, you name it) they will perform to his extremely high standards. Our “gut renovation” required some very creative problem solving since we were totally renovating a 50 year old house designed by a fairly prominent architect. George worked hand in glove with our architect on this, and she said she had never worked with a contractor as good. When he tells you something won’t work, it won’t. He will see things that neither you nor your architect will.

George is a genius at organization. If you (as owner) do your part, your work will proceed like clockwork. If he says a sub will be in on Monday; they will be in on Monday. In short, if you pick your fixtures, paints, etc. on time, your project will be ready when George says it will.

He also is scrupulously honest. If you are doing a renovation, do not worry about working “time and materials.” He will be as careful with your money as you would be. If he can get something cheaper, and it will meet his quality standards (which are VERY high) he will.

George stands behind his work. He doesn’t worry too much about warranties. If he and his people put something in and it goes wrong, he wants to know why and makes it right. By the way, however, this happens rarely, because he does it right the first time!

In short, when you work with George and his company, you need to put away every negative perception you have ever had of contractors. He is simply a pleasure in every way, and you will really enjoy the process. He, and now his son Josh, are true rarities. You can certainly find cheaper contractors, but you will get what you pay for. I will never work with another contractor if I can use George.”

-Jeri Marsten